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Jack is a passionate and aspiring professional conductor, orchestrator and arranger. 

In his early 20's Jack is distinguishing himself as an up and coming conductor and orchestrator.

Jack is a graduate from the University of Exeter. A life long passion for music and the performing arts, he was awarded a scholarship in composition and trumpet at Exeter and naturally found himself heavily involved with music at university. Here he conducted two musicals for the Footlights Society, West Side Story and Into the Woods, the former of which he was awarded the music society award for ‘Best Conductor – 2014’. During his studies he also found time to MD the university Big Band, Concert Band, Brass Ensemble as well as continue his ardour for orchestration and arranging, trumpet, percussion and piano. Now finished at university Jack is in regular demand as a conductor, arranger and instrumentalist, and holds several conducting and guest conducting positions around the West Midlands, including Assistant Conductor of The Film Orchestra. For the past two years he has produced and conducted his own ‘A Night On Broadway’ concert at the Hereford Courtyard, raising so far over £6000 for St Michaels Hospice.


More recently, Jack has founded The Studio Orchestra, a professional symphony orchestra dedicated to the performance of music from film, theatre and TV. They have their debut concert celebrating the music of John Williams this September 2019 and you can purchase tickets here. Jack has arranged music for the Three Choirs Festival and has had his blog on orchestration selected as recommended reading by ASMAC (American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers). He has also recently come back from a trip of a lifetime to Los Angeles where he studied and researched orchestration, got a taste of the film music business in Hollywood and developed solid professional contacts.


It was whilst at the University of Exeter (2014), that his talent and passion for conducting and orchestration grew. Receiving conducting lessons with the Director of Music - Marion Wood, he discovered the joys and privilege of working with musicians and like minded people in creating music as well as the hidden art of orchestration.

"I suppose my love affair with orchestration began when I was lucky enough to see The Producers in the West End in 2006. I still remember it vividly: I was four rows from the orchestra pit at the Theatre Royal - Drury Lane and was completely transfixed by Doug Besterman's gorgeous orchestrations as soon as the overture began- they were beautiful and very much reminiscent of the Hollywood sound; rich and textural. As soon as the curtain fell I made sure I was the first to the edge of the pit to catch the exit music. A really special life changing moment! 

Since that moment, Jack has been on continual quest learning the art of orchestration and has taken pride in studying the scores of the masters past and present - Conrad Salinger, Doug Besterman, Michael Starobin, Irwin Kostal, Bill Brohn and Stephen Oremus. 

Check out his orchestration credits here

Jack also writes a blog on orchestration and has had more than 2000 views this year alone. It has also been selected as recommended reading by ASMAC (American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers).  You can find it here.

Jacks equal passion is conducting and throughout his studies he held numerous conducting positions ranging from Big Bands and orchestras, to becoming Musical Director of the prestigious Footlights society, conducting two full scale musicals in the process, thus cementing his love of orchestral conducting. He was also awarded private scholarships in composition and trumpet whilst at university.

"When I conduct, I am able to express my inner most emotions and feelings that I could never express in any other way. That is the power of music. I just get that extra buzz and I still can't put my finger on it. I think it's to do with the musicians too, we all feed of each other's great playing and enthusiasm"

Jack now conducts and guest conducts numerous orchestras and ensembles, from orchestras to big bands to brass bands, across the West Midlands and beyond and a complete list can be found on the conducting page. 

At such an early stage in his career Jack is eager to take any new opportunities that come his way, so please get in touch.